The grapes that came to life on fertile soil of Metropolis are waiting to be discovered at Lucien Arkas Vineyards...
You can organize marvelous meetings accompanied by the astounding views of our fascinating vineyard landscape, join our tasting activities carried out under cinnamon and cypress trees, and explore delights served at LA Mahzen Restaurant.
We invite you to Lucien Arkas Vineyards and LA Mahzen Restaurant where time passes you by as quickly as a wink to experience these different experiences.
We are located 20 km away from Adnan Menderes Airport with our 3 terrace areas of 500 sqm, 55 sqm and 1,000 sqm where we can serve up to 500 people, an indoor area of 550 sqm with the capacity of 250 people, a meeting hall with a capacity of 50 people, and a 5 km long walking trail.
We will be pleased to serve you 7 days a week with our Lunch service between 12:00 - 17:00 and Dinner service between 18:00 - 23:00 with A la carte menu.
We have set menu options for groups of 30 pax or more.
Free parking and cloakroom service are available.
An outdoor playground is available.
Free transportation service to Kuşçuburun İzban station is available.
Places to visit nearby (eg: locations such as Key Museum, Efes, Kuşadası etc) where we can’t provide accommodation service
Consensus Garden (Garden Area)
Organizations for minimum 200 pax. are accepted.
Outdoors 1,200 sqm – area covered with 50% grass 50% granite
Smyrna Garden (Keçiboynuzu [Locust bean] Area)
Outdoors 650 sqm – area covered with 50% grass 50% granite
İdol Garden
Outdoors 550 sqm – area covered with 50% grass 50% granite
La Passito Hall (Private Cellar Area)
80 sqm / Max. 22 pax., Supplementary Private Room, Separate Sink, (Classroom, Board and Theater Layout)
Mon Rêve Hall
120 sqm / Max 80 pax., (Classroom, Board, U and Theater layout) (Classroom layout: Max. 50 pax., Board layout: Max. 30 pax., U layout: Max 30 pax., Theater layout: Max. 80 pax.)