Lucien Arkas Vineyards Project was born with a dream to produce wines in world standards in Aegean Lands which has been the cradle of winery and viticulture for hundreds of years.

Lucien Arkas, CEO of Arkas Holding, operating in sea transport and logistics, has bought Idol Wines in 2010 and changed the company name to ‘LA Wines’. The company was founded in 2004 with an investment of 24 millions TL and aims to produce quality wines with fair prices for the consumers in domestic market.

Lucien Arkas Vineyards, the largest organic vineyard in Turkey on a single lot has been established on a land of 288,62 acres in Torbali, Izmir. The characteristic of the soil and the climate has been examined by experts and in consequence of these soil and climate analysis, the saplings supplied from Europe have been shipped to Lucien Arkas Vineyards by means of special air conditioned vehicles. High quality wine grape species such as Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Marselan, Ugni Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Misket, suitable to the soil and climate conditions of Aegean, some never been planted in Turkey before, have been planted in Lucien Arkas Vineyards.

The vines were grown by using organic viticulture methods for the first time in Turkey in order to preserve the original fruit characteristics. Registered by ‘Ecocert’, the grapes are cultivated in Lucien Arkas Vineyards, without using any hormones or synthetic chemical pesticides, are fertilizered by organic viticulture methods and harvested at night. Thus, the grapes manage to preserve the original fruit aromas generated by the grape terroirs in a natural way. In addition, microvinification is used to get the appropriate quality and characteristic of the grapes. That is why the wine is produced in small portions other than huge tanks.

Carrying the impressions of its rich culture and history to its modern days, Lucien Arkas Vineyards keeps this culture alive today. It combines the land, water, climate of Aegean region with love and patience and presents a unique world. Lucien Arkas Vineyards brings you what civilizations shared for thousands of years at Metropolis.